Chocolate Covered Pretzels For Valentine’s Day

Check out my latest Foodgawker inspired creation! As soon as I saw the image for these, I knew I had to try making them. We took a trip to Bulk Barn today and loaded up on white chocolate, coloured sparkly sprinkles, heart shaped sprinkles and coloured candy discs. I intend to make lots more of these for Valentine’s day, but I couldn’t hold back from doing a trial run! I tried the tiniest bite of one that Bren ate… oh my. They are deadly good. I immediately bagged them up so I couldn’t go near them.

Click the image for the link to the site showing how to make these! Forget cakepops and other overly-involved treats. These are super easy and definitely have wow factor! Plus, you can customize the sprinkles to any occasion or holiday. Who can deny the combination of sweet and salty? Go make these. Now. Go.


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